Our Team

Caryn Mintz - President

Place of birth, education

Caryn grew up in Brooklyn, New York and lived for a brief time in New Jersey before she relocated with her family to Boca Raton, Florida in 1973. She attended grade school and graduated Boca Raton High School in 1981 and graduated with a B.A. degree in Communications from Florida Atlantic University in 1985.


After college, Caryn dove into a sales career in the hotel and insurance industries after having two children and being a stay at home mom.

In 1997, Caryn met Peter working as a real estate agent. Fast forward 24 years later, Caryn has been working with Peter in all aspects of the answering service. She is an integral part of the A-1 Gilbert team.

Peter Mintz - CEO

Place of birth, education

Born on the lower east side of Manhattan, Peter attended Bronx High School of Science and graduated with a business degree from New York University.


Peter’s initial career as an accountant prepared him for his move to Los Angeles in 1973 where he purchased his first telephone answering service, A-1 Gilbert Telephone Answering Service.

He’s entering his 49th year as owner and has successfully bought and merged at least 18 other answering services over the span of his career. Peter has mastered the goal of staying up to date  with innovative practices. When he bought A-1 Gilbert he had switchboards; in 2001 he converted  to computers and last year he converted to the cloud.

Peter stays active with his wife, Caryn, of 24 years who is President, and Janice Vann, Vice President of Operations.

Janice Vann - Vice President of Operations


Janice Vann is a dedicated and dynamic communications and customer care professional with over 40-years of answering service and leadership experience.

Janice has provided stellar service for A-1 Gilbert for 30-years and counting. During this time Janice has  executed all business operations related to processes and procedures to upgrading of the technology and equipment that A-1 Gilbert relies upon to service our customer base 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

As the VP of Operations of A-1 Gilbert, Janice is a vital part of the forever-changing communications industry. Janice’s talents allow her to directly partner with medical professionals, law enforcement, prestigious legal service providers and high-level executives to ensure that client needs are met in a manner in which complies with California state laws and client protocol.

Janice is passionate about providing top-notch service and maintaining a strong work ethic that she can be proud of. It is Janice’s goal to continually offer the best communications experience to A-1 Gilbert clients and affiliates.

Ms. Vann’s life motto is “Do unto Others as You Would Have Them Do unto You.” This saying is a driving force for Janice as the many years of work attributes being recognized, appreciated, and respected by clients and staff, mandates her to do her absolute best. Aside from Janice’s professional satisfaction and love of her career, her greatest and most fulfilling achievement is being surrounded by her loving family!